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Been working hard for the past few days putting together a new look for Arenal Kayaks. A long overdue task and one that's been put off long enough.

Seems quite a few visitors to the site are interested in dogs and kayaks. We've talked about this before here. And there's been at least one other episode with our German Shepard when she was about 4-months old.

Arenal Kayaks had the distinct pleasure of hosting a World Champion canoeist (British for kayaker) and Olympic contender, Anna Hemmings, yesterday! Anna and her husband, Neil, joined us for a sunset cruise which didn't start out too well in the rain but ended with a spectacular sunset.

We see a lot of wildlife around the lake. Mostly birds, occasionally an otter, once in a while iguana and monkey and the rare snake swimming in the lake near the shore.

Many people ask if we get much rain here in Nuevo Arenal. Depending on who asks our response can be the serious one, "yes, our annual average is around 14 feet", or we'll use the more flippant version, "there's a reason why it's called a rain forest". But neither of those answers really do the rain …