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We see a lot of wildlife around the lake. Mostly birds, occasionally an otter, once in a while iguana and monkey and the rare snake swimming in the lake near the shore.

Today's tour with a family from Great Britain had a chance to see a boa constrictor! The men were onshore for a, ahem, nature call, and spotted a rather large snake with a fat belly hanging in a tree. They were a little surprised I think but since it had obviously recently eaten something they didn't feel like they were threatened. Haha.

Anyways, yes, we do have boas in the jungle. This is first one we've seen in the wild. Alive at least. The locals seem to like to keep them for pets when they're small, less than 1/2 meter in length, but I don't think they keep them around until they get large. We've heard stories of boas at big as 3 meters.

Well, anyways, on to the photo...


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