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Many people ask if we get much rain here in Nuevo Arenal. Depending on who asks our response can be the serious one, "yes, our annual average is around 14 feet", or we'll use the more flippant version, "there's a reason why it's called a rain forest". But neither of those answers really do the rain justice. In fact, rumor has it that Ticos have 7 different words for rain. These describe anything from "pelo de gato" up to "agua cerro".

The reason for talking about rain is coming up.

We received an invite to go out on the lake with our friend Jonny on his speedboat. It's fun every once in a while to do this as our range is somewhat limited in the kayaks and we like to explore other areas of the lake.

When the call came in to go the sky was blue, the lake was flat, and it looked like it was shaping up to be a nice day for cruising to the volcano. Took maybe an hour to get everybody around and down to the water and in the meantime the sky became overcast and the rain started. But, being hardy Arenalians we don't let a little rain deter us from outdoor activities. And besides, the other side of the lake was all sunny so why not just head over there to hang out?

Well, to shorten up the story and get to the point, we ended up being chased around by a storm that came in and settled over Nuevo Arenal. There's really no way to describe the storm but we took the photo below which is really the point of this blog entry. Pretty cool shot and really shows how the micro-climates work. This huge storm collected itself right over the top of town and dumped it's load right there and nowhere else. This is how it looked from the other side of the lake. We got the story from friends in town about their experience, pretty much a regular agua cerro, otherwise known as raining cats and dogs.


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